TA Indoor

The TA Indoor was developed like no other power chair for indoor use. It is narrower (at 56cm/22") and shorter (at 69.5cm/27.5") therefore more manouverable.


The user can maintain their independance where other chairs will not go.


Seatplate can go extra low (down to 38cm/15") and higher (up to 68cm/26.5"). It won't go offroad, but will go outside as well.

TA 100% safer in a vehicle

You can remain safely in your TA Indoor when seated in a vehicle. The design and construction comply with NZ LVVTA 45-60(02) and international ISO 7176-19 crash test standards.

No need, like other chairs, to transfer to a vehicle passenger seat for safety.


TA Indoor Brochure and User Manual

TA Indoor Brochure 2019
Prescription Form
User Manual
TA Selection Guide 2019


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At The Office



Safety Crash Testing

The TA Powerchair range are all safety tested and approved for vehicle transportation. In accordance with ISO 10542-5 and 7176-19 (2008).


With Dahl Docking System

With 4 Point Tie Down System


Safety Crash Test Certification

Indoor with Dahl Docking Station
Indoor with 4 Pt Restraint


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TA Indoor