Delta Plus (320kg) Mattress

A high quality, alternating air mattress system for very high pressure relief and comfort. Suitable for bariatric patients up to 320kgs.  Manufactured in the United Kingdom by Park House Healthcare, a specialist pressure care manufacturer since 1984.

Developed for Bariatric Patients
A wider mattress surface of 107cm and cell height of 20 cm ensures optimum pressure relief performance for those patients up to 320kgs.

Safer for the Patient - In the event of a power cut it won’t deflate
This mattress will not go flat, its cells will equalise until the power returns.

Safer for the Carer - Designed to reduce carers back injuries
Carers can now reposition or assist patients with safer transfers.  A timed static function on the pump will now automatically inflate/firm every cell ensuring the mattress is firmer for easier carer moving and handling. After twenty minutes the pump will automatically return to its previous pressure setting.

Delta Plus Mattress Brochure

Mattress Delta Plus.pdf

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Park House Healthcare

Delta Plus Mattress