Heel Protection

The risk of developing a heel pressure sore is the second highest incidence after a sacrum sore. The aim should always be to offload pressure on the area of the heel at risk. A heel product in many cases will be more effective at reducing heel  pressure than a pressure mattress alone.

Our products will help ensure patient compliance as they are comfortable and do not restrict mobility. All products are easily cleaned and durable.

Our Heel Protection Suppliers

A new heel protector developed in the Netherlands that we are confident will change the market. It is independently, clinically proven effective for existing wounds and for those at risk of developing a heel ulcer.
Patient feedback includes improved comfort, that it stays in place, does not restrict bed mobility and that they can walk in it.

Designed and manufactured in France Systam heel products are for clients with normal, low or nil mobility. Products include the Bed Heel Pad and the Heel Support. All items are easy to clean.

Guide To Pressure Sores

Clinical Study.pdf
Guide to Pressure Sores.pdf

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