Indoor Activity Chairs

Indoor Activity Chairs offer independence for anybody with a disability who has reduced mobility.

The Vela Chairs are more functional than a wheelchair or walker for indoor tasks.


VELA is a Danish family-owned company founded in 1935 by Vermund Larsen. VELA is based in Aalborg - Denmark with it's own research and development department as well as production and upholstery workshop.

VELA in collaboration with it's therapists focus on creating comfortable ergonomic chairs, made from durable mechanical parts. VELA chairs are upholstered with long term wear-resistant fabrics, so the chairs will look nice and the chair is serviceable for many years to come.


The range of chairs from VELA available through Morton & Perry are the TANGO 50, 100, 200, 200EI, 500 and 500EI.

The TANGO chairs are very ergonomic, walkable, with HiLow seat (gas or electric), include central braking for safety and easier transfers.

Further accessories available to customise your chair.

View the comparison chart to decide on the best chair for you or your client.

Can be used for the following conditions

Spinal disorder - Mobility impairment - Walking impairment - Arthritis - Multiple sclerosis - Cerebral palsy Neurology - Muscular dystrophy - Amputation - Parkinsonism - Back pain - Stroke - Restricted growth

Product information

The Vela Chair
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