Our aim is to provide a safer, more comfortable lifting solution for clients...

  • With no mobility
  • With some weight bearing ability and trunk control
  • With reduced limb mobility

We also aim to provide carers safer more functional equipment which will...

  • Reduce the risk of back strain
  • Provide more comfort and functionality
  • Be intuitively simpler to use.
  • Ensure lower maintenance with longer durability

Our Lifting Specialist suppliers

Molift is a specialist lifting company founded over 20 years ago in Norway. They are innovative, passionate and lead the lifting world in introducing new technology in the homecare and hospital markets. Molift introduced the first lightweight folding patient lifter, the Smart 150. As a result  users can travel more easily and carers can transport and reassemble the lifter within seconds safely.

Molift also developed the worlds most maneuverable and comfortable active lifter, the Quick Raiser. A person who has some weight  bearing ability and trunk control, can be lifted with more dignity.

The philosophy in their design for the carer is that they are always remain safe and comfortable when using the equipment. Therefore reducing the chance of carer back injury, which could potentially compromise the carer’s ability to look after their patient.

TA Service
TA Service is a specialist company founded over 20 years ago in Denmark by Torben Anderson. The Living/Office chair will assist those with reduced limb mobility to sit and sit to stand. Ideal for those with neuro muscular, severe arithritis or MS medical conditions.

My Lifter Won't Go, Failure Checklist

Molift Catalogue and Selection Guide

Molift Lifting Catalogue 2019
Lifting Selection Guide 2019

Molift Certified Technicians

Molift Certified Technicians

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TA Service