TA Living / Office Chair

A high quality lifter designed to assist people with weak leg muscles to stand and sit unassisted ensuring their independence. Ideal for persons with neuromuscular disabilities, MS, or severe arthritis. Manufactured by TA Services a specialist mobility and rehab company.

Lift, Don’t Tilt - User feels safer

It has been proven that with a vertical lift a person using the correct technique feels safer, whereas a tilt action may make them anxious, as maintaining balance is more difficult.
See the above diagram for the correct technique from seated to standing position.

Mobile with Many Applications - Ensures Independence

Not only does it assist users standing up, but it makes transfers from beds and other furniture easier and more comfortable. Once seated, the user can set the chair to varying heights to access tables, benches or cupboards. The user can also easily rotate the seat 360°. An electric break ensures the chair is stable at varying heights.

Ergonomic Design - Ensures optimum comfort
The chair has many adjustment options for primary height settings, seat depth, back angle, arm rest height and width.

Cost Effective - Quality ensures longer economic life
Manufactured from high quality steel, upholstery is easily cleaned and designed to last in excess of 10 years, ensures a cost effective acquisition.

Living / Office Chair Brochure

Living / Office Chair Brochure
User Manual

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