Our aim is to provide clients and carers safer mattress solutions...

  • Who have a low to very high pressure risk
  • To improve comfort and sleep
  • Assist those also with specific needs including pain management and positioning
  • To reduce maintenance, hence improving performance and durability
  • Improve carer safety when moving or handling patients
  • Ensure pressure care compliance with easier setup and operation

Our Mattress Specialist Suppliers


Novis is an Australian based company, specialising in the supply of pressure care equipment designed to help prevent pressure wound and skin integrity issues caused by limited mobility and disability. Novis is committed to delivering successful patient outcomes through product innovation, professional collaboration and clinical excellence.


Vicair is an innovative pressure care company based in the Netherlands. They have developed a non powered aircell mattress as an alternative to flotation systems. The Vicair mattress has specific advantages including excellent comfort, puncture proof, lower maintenance and positioning possibilities for those with different body requirements.


Thomashilfen through extensive research have developed the micro stimulation concept as an alternative to traditional pressure care therapy. The advantages to the client beyond  pressure care is improved comfort, sleep and pain management. See the Sleeping Star mattress indicated for those with specific physical and intellectual disabilities. Thomashilfen is a manufacturer based in Germany.

To select the right mattress and to help prevent pressure sores see the guides below.

Selection Criteria

Mattress Selection Guide.pdf

Clinical Evaluations

Clinical Evaluations.pdf

Pressure Sores Guide

Guide To Pressure Sores.pdf

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