MaxXcare Heel Pro Evolution

Introducing the New MaxXcare Heel Pro Evolution

The MaxXcare Heel Pro Evolution uses the unique Vicair® Smartcell technology to completely offload the heel from pressure, preventing the heel from developing pressure ulcers and allowing existing sores to heal quickly.

Strategically positioned air cells are used to:

    • Provide optimal elevation of the heel and ankle.
    • Offloading the Achilles Tendon.
    • Provide a gradual transition to the calf.
    • Improve stability.
    • Protect from pressure and shear.
    • Available in Small, Standard & Extra Large

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New Material Slides Over Sheets Better

The smooth fabric on the outside of the Heel Pro Evolution allows the user to move their feet freely when lying in bed, improving bed mobility and reducing the risk of shear.

Non-Slip Sole - Safer for Walking

The bottom of the Heel Pro Evolution is made from a non-skid material to allow safe walking. This means the user can make short trips to the toilet, kitchen and other places without having to remove the Heel Pro Evolution.

Easier to Apply

The two velcro straps make the Heel Pro Evolution quicker and easier to fit.

Available in three sizes: SMALL, STANDARD, XLARGE.

Heel Pro Evolution Brochures

Brochure 2019
User Manual
Guide to Pressure Sores
Clinical Study

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