Molift Gantry

Molift Gantry is a free standing unit, that is set up as a single rail. Easily installed without mounting additional fixtures on ceiling or walls, making it ideal also for temporary situations.

Why Choose the Molift Gantry System?


1 - Easier for the Caregiver

Ceiling hoists are easier to transfer the patient with and reduce the risk of back injuries to the carer.

2 - Space Saving

The hoist system remains in position when not and use and is easy to move around. This means it does not require storage. It is always ready to go when required.

3 - Future Proofing.

The Molift Gantry system requires no modifications to be made, saving money on housing modifications and retaining the value of the house. If the user moves house, the same system can be moved into their new house.

4 - Better Accessability

A ceiling hoist is able be better positioned, more easily over a bed or chair than a portable floor hoist.

5 - Lift More:

With a safe working load of 205 kg.

Molift Gantry systems are custom made to suit your specific requirements. Get in touch with us to discuss your options.


Brochure and Selection Guide

Passive Lifters Selection Guide 2019
Molift Rail System


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