Molift Partner 255

Lighter and Easier to Maneuver

Very lightweight at only 44kg.

Lift Easily Vertically

Easily lift from beds, operating tables or directly off the floor. Increased safety as the patient is kept at a constant distance away from the column.

Simple Positioning

The Molift 4 Point Suspension system distributes weight and pressure evenly to compliment the natural movement of the body and ensure maximum comfort for the patient.


Supported by Representatives

We support the therapists, carers and clients with all training.


Cost Effective

The Mover 300 is cost effective and can be expected to sustain an economic life of 10 or more years.


Splash Proof

Meets IPX4 standards for use in wet areas.


Watch the Partner 255 in Action


Partner 255 Brochure

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Maintenance Checklist


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Molift Partner 255