Molift Air Rail System

The Molift Rail System (MRS) is a cost effective solution for hospitals, institutions, nursing and rest homes. MRS is easily integrated and is aesthetically adjusted to the design of the room to make a practical work place for nurses and caregivers, as well as an attractive environment for patients and visitors.

Cost Effective - Easier to Install

Molift Rail System is available in a range of profiles with innovative solutions for installation into all types of ceilings and walls. Switches and other transition options make the rail system extremely flexible. Molift Rail System consists of very few parts, which makes the installation process very efficient and cost effective.

Simple Solutions for All Situations

Traverse System Mounted in Ceiling or Wall

Traverse Rail System

Covers the entire room. This enables lifting regardless of where the furniture and the patient are located in the room.

Single Rail

Single Rail System

Installed above the areas which are most important. Mainly for getting up or transferring from bed to chair or similar.

Single Rail with Curve


Single Rail System with CurveExtends the area for transfer and will allow the system to pass through one or more rooms. A switch can be added to cover more pick up points. This will enable transfer from bed to chair, toilet, shower or bath.

Various Weight Classes

Depending on the model of Molift Air selected and the desired application the Molift Rail System can be designed with a safe working load from 160kg to 300kg.

More Information

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Molift Rail System