Molift Stretcher

More User Friendly

The Molift Stretcher is ideal for transfers lying to lying, to and from beds, operating tables or the floor. Appropriate for falls, comatose, sedated, fracture and spinal patients.

Very Easy and Quick to Fit

The Molift Stretcher can be divided long ways into two pieces and easily put together again with a locking system at both ends.

CT, X-Ray and MRI Compatible

See pdf below.

Compatible with Molift Lifters

Mover 205, Mover 300, Partner 255 and Molift Rail System.

Watch the Molift Stretcher in Action


Molift Stretcher Brochure

Molift Stretcher Brochure
Passive Lifters Selection Guide 2019
User Manual - Molift Stretcher
Molift Stretcher Evaluation 2010
MHANZ Scoop Stretcher Case Study


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Molift Stretcher