Mover 205 (205kg) Lifter

The Molift Mover 205 is ideal for all moving and handling situations.  It is able to lift heavier users, up to 205 kg, from the floor easily.

Lift Directly from the Floor - Without adjusting the height
Unlike many lifters, the Molift Mover 205 is able to lift from the floor without any height adjustment. Once raised from the floor, the user can be lifted to a height of 1.395m. This gives the caregiver the flexibility to move patients from different heights or surfaces easily.

Safer & More Comfortable - For user confidence
Slings used with the Molift Mover 205 are designed to compliment the natural movement of the body, and distribute weight and pressure evenly with a 4 Point Suspension system to ensure maximum comfort. This also prevents the patient swinging while in the sling, and gives them ample space away from the mast. The Mover 205 is fitted with safety features including an emergency stop, as well as manual emergency lowering. Molift offer a diverse range of slings to use with the Partner, including Bathing, Toileting, Padded and Amputee slings.

Stretcher Compatible - For use in Intensive care situations

The Molift Stretcher can be mounted directly on to the 4 Point Suspension of the Molift Mover 205, minimizing the need to move a patient from surface to surface, providing safer user care.

Splash Proof - Safe to use around the bathroom
The hand control and battery holder now meet IPX4-standard for use in wet areas, and can be safely used to assist bathing. The materials used to make the Mover 205 are durable and will not rust.

Cost Effective & Environmentally Friendly - Longer economic life
The Molift Mover 205 is cost effective, and can be expected to sustain an economic life of 10 or more years. Fitted with an NiMH battery, it can continue to perform even with intensive use, and yet is environmentally friendly.

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