Vicair Multifunctional Back Cushion

Vicair is an innovative air cell technology wheelchair cushion developed in the Netherlands. It is clinically proven to be effective for those with low to very high pressure and positioning needs.

The Multi Functional Back cushion is ideal for the less active wheel chair user, who may require head support or repositioning to a tilt or recline position.

Ideal for
Suitable for the following conditions, where the user does not need head support.:

  • Asymmetry of the spine (Scoliosis)
  • Increased thoracic kyphosis
  • Impaired trunk, head or arm control
  • Left/Right paralysis/CVA
  • Increased Extensor muscle tone
  • Increased trunk deviation tendency
  • Pain - Trunk/Back muscles or spine
  • Pain - Neck and Shoulders

Moulds Easily - To accommodate for asymmetry
The Cushion is easily altered, on setup and over time, to accommodate for the users scoliosis and/or kyphosis. It may provide protection against developing further skeletal deformities.

Easily Adjustable - For optimum comfort
Simply add or remove cells from the eight compartments. This will maintain the users stability while still allowing some movement. Ideal for those who suffer pain symptoms in their trunk , back, spine, neck and shoulders.

More Cost Effective - Reusable with longevity
A product life of 5+ years can be expected from this back cushion. It is designed for refurbishment and multi-patient use.

Pressure Risk
The Multi Functional Back cushion is suitable for those with increased to high pressure risk.

Will fit most Backrest Shells

 Available with the SPEX backrest system. Supplied with velcro.

Multi Functional Back Brochure

User manual
Back Selection Guide 2019
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Clinical Evaluation

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