Vicair Cushion - Vector O2

First fully machine washable wheelchair cushion

 The new Vector 02 solves the hygiene problems related to wheelchair cushions simply by being fully machine washable - including Cushion, Cover and Smartcells - in temperatures up to 40oC.

No more removing of the filling or only washing the cover, the Vector 02 pressure relief cushion goes straight into your washing machine on a standard cold-wash cycle.

For Positioning and Instability
Vicair is an innovative air cell technology wheelchair cushion developed in the Netherlands. Clinically proven to be effective for those with low to very high pressure and positioning needs.

The shape of the cushion, once adjusted, will mould precisely to the user’s specific body contours, the result being a perfect balance of pressure redistribution and stable positioning.

Safer Pressure -Lower maintenance
Vicair requires lower maintenance in comparison to many other pressure cushions.
It does not require inflation or deflation, and is puncture proof.

Positions - Precisely and easily

Simply add or remove cells from compartments to alter the shape of the cushion. This will maintain the user’s stability, prevent shear and improve posture; ultimately reducing user fatigue.

More Cost Effective - Reusable with longevity

A product life of 5+ years can be expected from this cushion. It is designed for refurbishment and multi-patient use.

Pressure Risk
The Vector is recommended for increased to very high risk prevention (Waterlow 20+).
May be used in association with an existing ischial or sacral sore (Grade 1 – 4).

Body Contour Positioning
Suitable for the following conditions:

  • Increased sliding tendency. (Shear Prevention)
  • Asymmetry of the pelvis. (Obliquity)
  • Asymmetry of the spine. (Scoliosis)
  • Windswept hips
  • Restricted hip flexion
  • Leg adduction tendency. (Legs together)
  • Leg abduction tendency. (Legs apart)
  • Amputation

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