Novis CairMax Duo

Hybrid foam air mattress replacement

Ideal for those who require more comfort.

Duo equals two separate support options in one mattress:

Option 1 Without the pump - provides surface pressure distribution.

Option 2 Attach alternating pump for dynamic therapeutic pressure relief.


> Automatic pressure and weight setting

> Easy to operate and maintain.

SWL: 40 - 230 kg

Risk: High to very high risk

Models: Standard & King Single

Warranty: 2 Year


Static mattress can be easily converted to provide dynamic therapy by adding the control unit.


Automatic weight sensing technology adjusts pressure to the appropriate setting for effective therapy and patient comfort.

Manual adjustments can be made for individualised therapy or comfort.


‘Plug and play’ system is simple to use requiring minimum training to operate, making it ideal for community or aged care use.

Switching between static and dynamic modes requires minimal effort and cause no disruption to patient comfort. This hybrid feature also significantly reduces operational costs, ensuring the same surface remains suitable across a range of patient conditions.


Offers improved comfort for patients unable to tolerate alternating systems.

Castellated foam articulates when the mattress is profiled, while static head cells offer stable support for enhanced sleep.

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