nxt back support accessories

To provide the best fit and comfort possible, the Armadillo back cushion has a range of easily added accessories.

MultiFit head support

The MultiFit head support accommodates a wide range of positions to customise the fit to your client. Features include;
Mounting hardware that has a curved depth(from 3.8cm to 16.5cm) and angle adjustment providing the maximum range of settings.
A vertical post that has a latch system allowing for easy height adjustment (from 2.5cm to 25cm) and rotation adjustments.
A headrest is made from comfortable layered foam with a removable, washable cover.

Three size options;

XDNIB0785 Contoured 24.6(l) x 12.4(h) x 3.8(d)cm
XDNIB0784 Rectangular Large 25.9(l) x 12.4(h) x 2.3(d)cm
XDNIB0818 Rectangular X-Large 35.8(l) x 12.4(h) x 3.6(d)cm

Trunk supports

are available in left or right options that can be reversed for higher or lower positioning. Featuring comfortable, removable, molded dual pads that are width adjustable from 2.5cm to 5cm.
XDNMAPS-LCS-L Lateral/Contour Trunk support left
XDNMAPS-LCS-R Lateral/Contour Trunk support right

Pelvic supports
Can be fitted to either the left or right. The comfortable molded pads are width adjustable 2.5cm to 5cm.
XDNMAPS-LCS-R Lateral Pelvic support ambidextrous

Back Selection Guide 2019
nxt Backs user manual
nxt laterals guide
nxt headrests guide

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Rectangular head supportContoured head support

with Right trunk support fitted

with Right pelvic support fitted