Molift Quick Raiser 1

The Molift Quick Raiser 1 is an active lifter, assisting the user to move from seating to standing in an up and forward movement during transfer. This allows the user to be actively involved in the process, and imitates a natural body motion, ensuring the user remains more comfortable.

This Active lifter is ideal for users with the ability to sit unaided, and some ability to weight bear and stand with easy assistance.  Conditions may include neuromuscular, child development, stroke and elderly rehabilitation.

Slanted Column - Improves User Comfort
Unlike other lifters, the Molift Quick Raiser 1 lifts from a seated position, upwards and forwards, to imitate a comfortable natural body motion for the user. The Quick Raiser 1 is exceptionally stable with excellent sling support for optimum user comfort and confidence.

Ergonomic Design - Assists the Carer
The centre wheels on the base allow the caregiver to rotate the user, once lifted, through a full 360 rotation inside its own axis effortlessly in any direction. The carer front handle bar is height adjustable, making the hoist manoeuvrable with ease. 

More Compact and Lightweight - Manoeuvre in Tight Spaces
The base of the Quick Raiser 1 sits significantly lower than other lifters, at only 7.5cm, making it easy to slide under beds, chairs, and most wheelchairs. The legs are wide enough to fit around toilets, without requiring spreading. Weighing only 30kg, the Quick Raiser 1 is also easily dismantled for portability. Its compact design allows it to manoeuvre through many narrow spaces around the home.

Splash Proof - Safe to use around the Bathroom
The hand control and battery holder now meet IPX4-standard for use in wet areas. Materials used to make the Quick Raiser 1 are durable, and will not rust.

Cost Effective & Environmentally Friendly - Longer Economic Life
The Quick Raiser 1 is cost effective, and can expect to sustain an economic life of 10 or more years. Fitted with an NiMH battery, it can continue to perform even with intensive use, and yet is environmentally friendly.


Quick Raiser 1 Brochure

Quick Raiser 1 Brochure
User Manual
Annual Maintenance Checklist
Lifting Selection Guide

Quick Raiser In Operation Video

My Lifter Won't Go, Failure Checklist

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Quick Raiser 1 Lifter