Quick Raiser 2 Lifter

The Molift Quick Raiser 2 is an active lifter, assisting the user from seating to standing in an up and forward movement, imitating a natural body motion. This allows the user to be actively involved in the process, and imitates a natural body motion, ensuring the user remains more comfortable.

The Quick Raiser 2 uses all the excellent features from the Quick Raiser 1, with a few more:

Electrical Adjustable Legs        
The Quick Raiser 2 allows the carer to adjust the legs electronically, increasing accessibility. If the Quick Raiser 2 cannot get under a low wheelchair, it can be adjusted to move around it.

Larger Kneepads       
Most users feel that larger kneepads are more comfortable. The kneepads can also be turned around, depending on the users preferance. They also assists in preventing adduction and abduction.

Quick Raiser 2 Brochure

Active Lifter Molift Quick Raiser 2.pdf

Quick Raiser In Operation Video

My Lifter Won't Go, Failure Checklist

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