Molift Quick Raiser 205

The Molift Quick Raiser 205 is a new generation active lifter, assisting the user from seating to standing in an up and forward movement, imitating a natural body motion. It is specifically designed for users up to 205kg.
The Quick Raiser 205 builds on all the excellent features from the Quick Raiser 1&2, adding and improving on:

New Operator Panel        
The addition of a large carer operational panel at the top of the lifting column provides intuitive and safe use. A quick guide reminder for sling application and recommended safe use is also readily visible.

Redesigned Leg Supports   
New, soft padded leg supports are easily adjustable without tools.

Six Pivoting Castors
Redesigned chassis/base now incorporates six pivoting castors allowing for excellent maneuverability - including transferring sideways.

Longer Life Battery
The battery has now been replaced with a larger 24v SLA type which gives around 25% more lifts per charge.

Intergrated Battery Charger
No more separate battery or charger to misplace, both are fitted to lifting column.

New Rgo Active sling
A new Rgo stand-up sling has been developed for use with the Quick Raiser 205. The Rgo Active is a 4-point sling with sliding loops for added comfort and stability.

QuickRaiser 205 Brochures

User Manual
Active lifters selection guide 2019

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