RgoSling Padded

The new Molift RgoSling Padded replacing the older Easy Padded sling, is suitable for most lifting situations. The anatomical design respects the natural curvature of the spine and stops the user from sliding. Available in HighBack (with Head Support) and MediumBack.

Padded for More Comfort

The back and leg support areas have firm padding to increase user comfort. The padding distributes weight and pressure evenly, and decreases the likelihood that the sling will indent, pinch or disagree with the user's skin.

Easy to Use

A simple, unique folding technique makes it possible to use one hand for the most critical phase of fitting the sling to the user, leaving the other hand free to safeguard and support the user. New additions for the RgoSling include a pocket at the back and on the legs, make application easier and more comfortable.

Folding Technique for an Easy Sling Before Application:

Powerchair to Bed Using an Easy Sling

RgoSling Padded Brochure

RgoSling Padded
RgoSling User Manual
Lifting selection guide

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Molift RgoSling HighBack Padded