Seating Cushions

Our am is to provide wheelchair users safer seating solutions

  • Clients at low to very high risk.
  • To improve optimum body support and comfort.
  • To enable correct positioning to prevent tiredness, shear and reduce the risk of developing skeletal deformities
  • Provide the user lower maintenance, hence improving performance and durability.

Our Seating Specialist suppliers

Vicair is an innovative air cell technology wheelchair cushion developed in the Netherlands. It has been independently clinically proven to be effective for those clients at low to very high pressure risk. Ideal also for clients with existing skeletal conditions.

Vicair has proven to be very successful in over 25 countries, used daily by more than 100,000 people. Client comments state that it is easier to maintain, it does not puncture, it positions me better in my chair therefore I have improved energy, I trust Vicair as it lasts.

Systam is a French cushion manufacturer specialising in memory visco elastic pressure care equipment solutions. These products are very comfortable and simple to set up specified for low to medium pressure risk. See the NEW Viscoflex + cushion and the Systam back cushion.

To select the right wheelchair cushion or back cushion see our Seat Cushions & Backs Selection Guide below.

Vicair Documents

Allen Siekman Study
Vicair Seating Catalogue 2019
Seating Selection Guide 2019


Maintenance, Cleaning and Warranty Information

Vicair Care Instructions
Vicair Warranty

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