Shower Commode Chair (150kg)

A high quality chair designed for those with special needs and improved safety for the carer. Manufactured in Denmark by HMN, a specialist rehab company since 1934.

Safer for Bariatric Patients -  More comfortable
The chair has padded armrests and a padded seat lid. It is height adjustable, making it easier for tall persons to self transfer. Larger adjustable footplates help support feet better.

Easier for the Carer - Improved ergonomics
The chair is height adjustable to prevent bending over unnecessarily. The commode bucket has a large handle so is easier to remove.

Easier to Clean - Superior infection control
All metal surfaces are white to show cleaning has been effective. All castors are closed, so they will not trap skin or hair. Soft seat and all surfaces are seamless to prevent entrapment of bacteria. The commode bucket is autoclavable.

More Cost Effective - Quality ensures longer economic life

All components are fully serviceable and replaceable. The system is designed for longevity with an expected life of 10+ years.

Shower Commode 150kg Brochure

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