Shower / Toilet Lifter

A high quality lifter designed to assist people with weak leg muscles to stand and sit unassisted from a normal toilet. As it is mobile, it has many other applications. Ideal for people with neuro-muscular disabilities, MS or severe arthritis. Manufactured by TA Services, a specialist mobility and rehab company.

Lift, Don’t Tilt - User feels safer
It has been proven that with a vertical lift a person using the correct technique feels safer, whereas a tilt action may make them anxious, as maintaining balance is more difficult.
See the above diagram for the correct technique with a Toilet lifter from seated to standing position.

Mobile with Many Applications - When user is tired
Its primary function is for use over the toilet. However, it is also waterproof, ideal for use in an open wet area shower.  The shower/toilet lifter may also be used as a mobile transit chair to assist transfers from bed and wheelchair or as a commode at night time.

Cost Effective - Quality ensures longer economic life
Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, easily cleaned and designed to last in excess of 10 years, ensures a cost effective acquisition.

Easy to Install - Designed for reissue
Very manoeuvrable and requires only a small amount of space. Installed from the front and easy to move for cleaning or to another location if required.

Shower / Toilet Lifter Brochure

Shower Toilet Lifter
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Shower Toilet Lifter