Sleeping Star / Thevo Adapt

Thomashilfen developed this system for ulcer prevention and treatment. Micro-stimulation is an alternative to traditional therapy. Other benefits include improved sleep and improved pain management.

Improved Comfort & Positioning - Micro-stimulation therapy
The system may be adjusted to meet a person’s individual needs. Ideal for the following illnesses: spasticity, contractures, pain of any kind, cerebral palsy, cranio-cerebral trauma, vigil coma, coma, deformities, epidermumlysis, hydrocephalus, microcephalus, spina bifida, pressure sores, tumour patients, etc.

Clinically Proven - For people with multiple needs
Independent Clinical Survey:
Reference: Natascha Woltermade, Martin Behrens & Christine Mühlhan, Germany, November 2006.
Results: Increase in quality of sleep behaviour, highly recommended for children who suffer from chronic pain or pain that occurs from them lying in bed.

New Clinical Evidence - Assists dementia patients
Ute Geitmann, Germany 2009.
New research indicated some patients became less restless and sleep improves significantly as a result of micro stimulation. There was an improvement in general outlook and attitude and a willingness to participate in group activities. The participants demonstrated more tolerability and open mindedness towards their carers and companions.

Sleeping Star Mattress Brochure

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