Molift Slings

Maximum Comfort:

All Molift slings are designed to distribute weight and pressure evenly for maximum comfort. A wide range of sizes and models are available to better fit the patients specific needs.

The 4 Point Suspension will allow a free and open sitting position, especially around the head area. With the combination of sling and suspension, the user will slide into a natural seating position, for example, lying in a bed to sitting upright in a wheelchair.

Anatomical Shape:

The anatomical design allows for the natural curve of the spine and stops the user from sliding. In combination with the balanced weight distribution, a safe and comfortable lift is achieved.

Unique Sliding Loop Function:

The unique sliding loop function of the shoulder straps, balances the weight distribution at all stages of the lift, making it very comfortable to lift from a lying position to a sitting position and vice versa. The sliding loop function makes an external angle adjustment of the suspension redundant.

Guide Pockets:

Pockets in the back and legs of the sling facilitate application, primarily in sitting position.

Easy to Fold

The sling is quickly and easily folded for storage.

Colour Coded Straps:

Make choosing the correct sling loop quick and easy.

Sling Guide Brochure

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