TA iQ Front Wheel Drive

The TA iQ FWD is a front-wheel drive power chair, designed and manufactured in Denmark by TA Service. The TA iQ FWD was developed as a power chair for everyday use, with greater access and functionality, indoors and outdoors.


Highly Manoeuvrable in Tight Areas


A short wheelbase of 82cm, combined with a turning radius of 65cm allows a skilled driver to drive or reverse the TA iQ FWD into more confined spaces.


The lack of front casters allow the iQ FWD to get closer to tables, sinks and cupboards, as well as creating more space to self transfer.


Highly Functional Around the House


A minimum seat plate height of 38cm means the iQ FWD will fit under most tables and desks. A 30cm lift (to 68cm) allows improved communication as well as making it easier to reach storage in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas.


Superior Performance Outdoors


The large front drive wheel allows the iQ FWD climb larger obstacles smoother and easier.


Active Suspension - Improved Comfort and Ride


The suspension is very flexible and combined with pneumatic wheels it has two major advantages:

  1. Smoother ride comfort.
  2. Improved climbing over bumps and obstacles, reducing unwanted jolts.


Superior Pressure Relief


The TA iQ FWD has a 45˚ tilt, this can be complimented by the electric backrest provide greater pressure relief. The TA iQ will also fit any seating system specified, width 35-55cm and depth 40-60cm.


Standard Specification Reduces the Need for Customisation


The TA iQ was designed to reduce the need for further customisation by being highly specified. The width of the seat and back frame are adjustable. All components are modular for easier servicing and refurbishment.


Style and Performance - Only in Black


The TA iQ FWD is a European styled solution featuring the smooth lines of Scandinavian design. However it isn't just a pretty face, the TA iQ FWD has a max speed of 10km/h which takes 3 seconds to achieve. It also has a max range of 40km.

TA iQ FWD Information

Consumer Brochure
User Manual
Prescription Form

Download the TA iQ FWD brochure for more information and technical specifications.

Safety Crash Testing Video

The TA Powerchair range are all safety tested and approved for vehicle transportation. In accordance with ISO 10542-5 and 7176-19 (2008). More information about Dahl  Engineerings safety restraint equipment can be found here.

Crash Test Certification

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