TA iQ Paediatric Powerchair

TA Powerchairs are designed and manufactured in Denmark and have been developed for everyday use with greater access and functionality, both indoors and outdoors.

The TA iQ Paediatric powered wheelchair is a front-wheel drive model with unique manoeuvrability that grows with the user.

This Chair will Grow

The highly adjustable TA Paediatric will grow with the user with an adjustable seat width from 27cm to 55cm.

Highly Manoeuvrable in Tight Places

 A standard, short wheelbase of 82cm (FWD & RWD) allows a turning circle of 65cm that can be reduced even further on the TA Paediatric with the addition of narrower drive wheels.

 Highly Functional Around the House or School

 With a minimum seat plate height of 38cm/15" the TA Paediatric fits under most tables and desks. While a 30cm seat lift (from 38cm up to 68cm) allows improved communication as well as making it easier to reach items on shelves or in cupboards.

Superior Performance Outdoors

 Large drive wheels allow the TA Paediatric to climb obstacles smoother and easier.

Active Suspension - Improved Comfort and Ride

 The suspension is very flexible and combined with pneumatic wheels it has two major advantages;

1. Smoother ride comfort.

2. Improved climbing over bumps and obstacles, reducing unwanted jolts.

TA 100% Safer

TA powerchairs have been independently crash tested to comply with International Safety Standard ISO 7176-19 where some other manufacturers have not, this means that if you intend to use your powerchair as a seat in a vehicle you're safe in a TA and do not necessarily have to transfer to a vehicle seat for safety.

Is your powerchair crash tested?

TA iQ Paediatric crash test certificates

iQ FWD - Dahl Docking Station
iQ FWD - 4 Point Restraint System



TA iQ Paediatric Brochures

TA iQ Paediatric brochure
TA Selection Guide
TA iQ User Manual