Immedia Butterfly

Immedia Transfer Boards
Transfer boards are intended to bridge shorter gaps when performing seated transfers. Immedia's Butterfly has a low friction upper surface and a non-slip underside allowing the user to easily transfer independantly or with assistance between beds/shower chairs/toilet chairs and wheelchairs.
Butterfly transfer boards are rated to take up to 250kg.

Butterfly board
The Butterfly is a long, wide and stable transfer board especially designed with cutouts for positioning against the wheel of a wheelchair.

Butterfly GlideWing
The addition of a low friction GlideWing improves the slide function along the Butterfly improving the ease of transfer.


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We recommend using the PediTurn with Butterfly transfer boards
 Item: IM401 Butterfly 32x66cm / 12.6x26"

Item: IM4002 Butterfly GlideWing XL 35x47.5cm / 13.8x18.7"