Immedia E-Board

Immedia Transfer Boards
Transfer boards are intended to bridge shorter gaps when performing seated transfers. Immedia's E-Board has a low friction upper surface and a non-slip underside allowing the user to easily transfer independantly or with assistance.
E-Boards are rated to take up to 150kg.

Immedia E-Board
The Immedia E-Board is a light, thin and flexible transfer board that allows for easy application and removal.

Immedia E-Board with Wing
Still the same convienient transfer board as above except with the addition of a wing along the side providing more sturdiness and stability. The wing can be positioned up or down, and can also be used to protect against the wheel of the wheelchair.

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Item: IM408 E-Board Medium 25x60x0.5cm

          IM405 E-Board Long w/Wings 33x75x0.6cm