Etac Turner Pro

 Easy and Safe Transfers

The Etac Turner Pro is a Sit-to-Stand transfer aid, assisting in transfers to and from a bed, wheelchair, commode, shower chair etc. The Turner Pro provides a safe solution that reduces the risk of the user falling and allows the carer to work in an ergonomically correct position.

The Turner Pro can be tilted onto its wheels and it will easily roll on any surface, allowing it to be easily stored out of the way.

The height of the handle, and leg supports are quickly and easily adjusted to the carers requirements.

The Etac Turner Pro should only be used for persons who can adequately weight bear and stand with support.  

Safer for the Carer and Easier on Their Back

Many people often feel unsafe when being assisted from their bed to the wheelchair, and caregivers are subject to strain when assisting with the transfer. With the Turner Pro, both the assisted person and caregiver feel safe and the transfer is performed with ease.

Anti-Slide Protection

Integrated anti-slip base for correct and secure positioning of the feet when standing up.

Adjustable Leg Supports

Soft and comfortable, providing lateral support. Easily adjustable to whatever height is required.

Height-adjustable Handle
Contrasting colour handle is quickly height adjustable and offers many grip options for both the user and carer.


Easy to transport at only 8kg and 80cm high (minimum adjustment). Modern materials give a light evenly balanced weight.

Etac Turner Pro Brochures

User Manual
Active lifters selection guide 2019

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