A static non-powered air cell mattress. Designed for medium to high pressure risk up to grade 3 pressure ulcers. Manufactured in The Netherlands by Vicair BV, a specialist pressure care manufacturer since 1995.

More Comfortable - Promotes sleep, Pain management
As the system is a static adjustable air mattress it is very comfortable. The system can easily be pressure mapped proving its effectiveness.

Safer for the Patient - Puncture proof, No inflation required
The mattress will not go flat, as it contains 1200 individual air cells in 36 specific compartments.

Improved Positioning - Easily adjusted
The cells may be easily removed from the zipped compartments to increase patient immersion or accommodate specific body types or needs.

Clinically Proven - Since 1997
Individual Clinical Case Studies available on request.

Vicair Mattress Brochure

Mattresses Comparison Chart
Vicair Mattress Brochure
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