Systam Viscoflex + Plus (Accessable MOH List Equipment)

The new Viscoflex + Plus cushion is a significant improvement on the original Viscoflex (pre-2011).
Specified for medium to high risk pressure. With a new “Ergonomic Insert” client immersion, positioning and comfort are improved.

Simple Setup - No Adjustment Required

Being a moulded viscoelastic foam with memory effect, to install simply place in the chair with the handle in the front.
Improved Positioning - New Ergonomic Insert

An anatomically shaped cushion with raised lateral edges, front to rear slope and “new ergonomic insert” (see brochure) ensures improved positioning.

Proven Comfort - With Safety
The Viscoflex + Plus will mould precisely to the clients contours without bottoming out. Surface air vents enhance air circulation.

Viscoflex + plus Brochure

Viscoflex + Plus.pdf
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