Mobility Scooter Friendly Cities to Visit in Europe


Mobility scooter travellers who have visited Europe will tell you that every city has its advantages, but there are some you should altogether avoid if you are travelling with a scooter.

These are 4 cities that we think should be on your radar because they’re the easiest to explore from the comfort of your mobility scooter. So, take your pick and grab your scooter and go!


Places to visit with a mobility scooter in Europe and why

In our relentless quest to encourage you to get out there and see the world from the comfort of your mobility scooter, we’ve composed a short list of 4 European cities that are both scooter-friendly, accessible and a great place to start.

1.    Barcelona, SpainWith its delightful tapas, remarkable history and architecture and the added value of warm and inviting people, Barcelona is a must-see for anyone. The fact that this one-of-a-kind city is also largely flat and wheelchair and mobility-scooter-friendly makes it number one on our list. Barcelona gives disabled people a priority and grants free access to its many breathtaking landmarks. Most buses and metro trains are equipped with ramps and lifts, and you do not have to endure standing in the often very long lines to see the city’s attractions.

We suggest you ride along the famous La Rambla that leads all the way to the white beaches that are accessed with wooden paths that go all the way to the water’s edge. You can also visit Barcelona’s medieval city centre which has very few cobblestones and provides a smoother ride than delivered by many othe

r European cities like Paris or Istanbul. If required, there are many accessible hotels to choose from across town, and you can also book one of the wonderful accessible cruises that depart from the town’s port.


2.    Berlin, Germany
Berlin is a truly cosmopolitan city with 4 varying quarters and a “something for everyone” dynamic. Berlin is also a very flat, highly accessible city, but its culture and vibe couldn’t be more different to Barcelona. With hundreds of hotels to choose from and so much history and culture to explore, Berlin is a sound choice for any age and group configuration, but it’s also a great city to see on your own.

The Berlin Zoo is a great place for anyone to spend an entire day exploring, regardless of age or mobility capabilities. Hiring a professional tour guide to take you to visit some of the city’s hidden sites like Hitler’s famous

ATTO travel scooter new zealand bunker, will give you the full and intriguing story of this bustling metropolis.

There are many beautiful parks and interesting museums all over the city, so try to read up and plan a daily itinerary so you can take it all in. Most landmarks in Berlin will prioritize disabled access and offer free or discounted entrance. Note: If you are planning on taking the local subway, or the U-Bahn, make sure you check that the elevators at each station you plan to use are in order.



3.    Rotterdam, Netherlands
Although many people associate the Netherlands with Amsterdam as the country’s capital, Rotterdam is in fact the country’s business centre. The city is also famous for its many attractions and variety of activities, the majority of which are scooter and wheelchair accessible. There are plenty of museums and some must-see architectural sites with access, including the Markthal food square, koopgoot shopping centre, cubic houses and the Euromast tower. There are many ways to take this guided tour either using a tour van or taking an accessible harbour cruise depending on your preference. Rotterdam should also be high on your list due to its close vicinity to its accessible beach that features a path to the highest watermark, free beach wheelchairs and walking aids. Spend a full day at this lovely beach or opt for a day exploring the city’s famous botanical gardens. Almost all of Rotterdam’s bus stops are accessible. The people of Rotterdam are very friendly and highly tolerant, and as the entire country is known for its flat terrain, Rotterdam and the area are quite easily covered in a week’s fun-filled holiday.


4.    Ljubljana, Slovenia
Last but not least on our list today is Lubliana, the capital city of Slovenia.  Slovenia has taken huge strides in improving the accessibility of its tourist facilities and transportation system. The city’s capital Ljubljana has introduced priority access and discounts to mobility impaired and disabled persons for its many cultural and historical sites. Make sure to kick off your adventure with a visit to the Ljubljana Castle, one of Slovenia’s most visited tourist attractions that has been made accessible over recent years. Alternatively, spend a day exploring the accessible local Zoo for a refreshing day out. Slovenia is also famous for its many caves and the Postojna Cave offers disabled-friendly access, parking and toilets. The site’s friendly staff are available to help visitors board the small tourist train that takes them underground. Ljubljana is home to many museums and art galleries and the general atmosphere across the city is lively and welcoming.



travel scooter foldable


Now that we’ve made our recommendations and given you some basic information, it is important to keep in mind that despite the increasing possibilities, it is still vital to plan ahead. If you will be travelling by plane, make sure you read our post about choosing a scooter that is suitable for flying. And most important – make sure to share your adventures with us so that we can enrich our community and encourage others to follow through!

Tips for Travelling with a Mobility Scooter

In recent times, technology has made remarkable strides in alleviating the various challenges associated with travelling via air with a mobility scooter.

Whether you’re embarking on a journey for business or leisure, solo or with your loved ones, the prospect of globetrotting has become a truly feasible option.

Here, we present our top recommendations for air travel with a mobility scooter – don’t forget to send us a postcard!


travel scooter nz


For individuals coping with limited mobility, air travel may initially appear daunting. International airports often entail considerable walking distances, airlines may necessitate checking your scooter as part of your luggage, and concerns about additional support costs may deter you. However, recent advancements in technology have not spared the mobility scooter from transformation.

Present-day scooters exhibit unprecedented speed, lightweight construction, and remarkable flexibility. Some models are purposefully engineered to facilitate the realization of your most ambitious travel aspirations while ensuring safety and ease. Nevertheless, before you embark on your travel plans, it’s imperative to acquaint yourself with some vital insights.

Here are some valuable insights we’ve gathered from our community of globe-trotters with limited mobility, tips that we believe will empower you to chase your travel dreams and facilitate your journey!

  1. Embrace the Lithium Battery Revolution, but Prioritize a Quick Call Ahead: Non-spill, lithium batteries represent a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of disability technology in recent years. The majority of electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters now rely on approved lithium batteries, recognized by most airlines for air travel. Opt for a scooter that simplifies the battery removal and replacement process, sparing you from lengthy checkpoints. Nevertheless, it’s a prudent move to contact the airline in advance to confirm their approval and inform them of your travel plans, enabling them to offer assistance.
  2. Select a Travel-Friendly Scooter to Dodge Baggage Hassles: Imagine maneuvering confidently through the airport on your scooter, only to discover that you must check it as part of your baggage, subjecting yourself to additional expenses and time-consuming boarding processes. This situation can be frustrating and potentially embarrassing. Fortunately, you can choose a scooter that easily folds and can be stowed in the overhead compartment like a compact trolley. Don’t let your scooter be the reason you’re the last to board or disembark from the plane!
  3. Safeguard Your Scooter Against Potential Damage: Folding mobility scooters are both valuable and indispensable, making it essential to shield them from the rigours of travel. Investing in a durable scooter cover is a smart way to ensure protection. Additionally, capture clear photographs of your undamaged scooter before your journey, just in case.
  4. Accessorize Smartly for Added Convenience: Many individuals with limited mobility must carry crutches, canes, and bulky medical equipment alongside their luggage, spare batteries, and travel documents. This juggling act can become cumbersome. Fortunately, modern scooters offer a range of contemporary accessories that seamlessly attach to the scooter, enhancing the convenience of travel. Seek out these accessories; they can truly be life-changing!


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Although travel overseas is often associated with long periods of walking, and technical hurdles and expenses, we urge you to learn more about the wonderful innovations that are increasingly available for you to take advantage of.

For those who think twice about bringing their less mobile loved ones along on trips, or those avoiding travel for fear of being a burden, using the right kind of mobility scooter and accessories will transform any type of travel from a cumbersome challenge into a memory-making adventure.

ATTO Classic and ATTO Sport in Disabled-Friendly Cities


Unlocking Urban Adventures in USA with Mobility Travel Scooters

In the United States, cities are evolving to become more inclusive and accessible, recognizing the importance of enabling everyone to participate fully in urban life. As we journey through several disabled-friendly cities across the USA, we’ll discover how the ATTO Classic and ATTO Sport travel scooters play a pivotal role in ensuring that individuals with mobility challenges can explore and enjoy these remarkable urban destinations.


mobility travel scooter nz




San Francisco, California


Cruising the Cable Cars: In San Francisco, the iconic cable cars are wheelchair accessible, and the ATTO scooters provide the perfect travel solution to navigate the city’s hills and enjoy breath-taking views.


Alcatraz Island Adventure: The National Park Service offers accessible tours of Alcatraz Island, and with the ATTO scooters’ compact design, you can easily explore this historic landmark.


Accessible Museums: San Francisco’s museums, such as the de Young Museum and the Exploratorium, are made even more accessible when you have the ATTO scooters at your side.



Travel scooters for seniors


Portland, Oregon


Exploring with Ease: Portland’s MAX Light Rail and bus system are designed with accessibility in mind. The ATTO scooters make it simple to hop on and off, allowing you to explore the city seamlessly.


Nature Adventures: Enjoy the city’s accessible hiking trails, like those in Tualatin Hills Nature Park, by bringing your ATTO scooter along for outdoor excursions.


Accessible Dining: Experience the culinary delights of Portland, knowing that your ATTO scooter can easily navigate accessible dining spaces.


Chicago, Illinois


Public Transit Access: Chicago boasts an extensive accessible public transit system, and the ATTO scooters’ foldable design ensures hassle-free mobility when using buses and “L” trains.


Magnificent Mile Access: The iconic Magnificent Mile in Chicago becomes even more accessible with the ATTO scooters, allowing you to explore its shopping, dining, and entertainment options with ease.


Museum Delights: Chicago’s Museum Campus offers accessible pathways, and the ATTO scooters provide a comfortable means to explore world-class museums like the Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium.




NZ travel scooters mobility limitations


New York City, New York


Subway Exploration: New York City continues to improve subway accessibility, and with the ATTO scooters, you can confidently navigate the city’s vast underground network.


Broadway Adventures: Broadway theatres offer accessible seating, and your ATTO scooter ensures a smooth entrance and comfortable viewing for memorable theatre experiences.


Central Park Strolls: Explore the heart of Manhattan, Central Park, using your ATTO scooter to access its pathways, attractions, and the beauty of the outdoors.


Seattle, Washington


Waterfront Wonders: Seattle’s accessible waterfront area offers stunning views, dining options, and attractions like the Seattle Aquarium, all easily accessible with the ATTO scooters.


Space Needle Spectacle: The iconic Space Needle provides accessible viewing platforms, and your ATTO scooter lets you reach the top for panoramic city vistas.


Island Escapes: Accessible ferries to nearby islands, like Bainbridge Island and Vashon Island, are a breeze to navigate with your ATTO scooter, making day trips more enjoyable.




Across the United States, cities are embracing accessibility, and the ATTO Classic and ATTO Sport travel scooters are essential companions for individuals with mobility challenges seeking to explore and embrace urban life. These remarkable scooters enable you to move seamlessly from city to city, enhancing your urban adventures by providing comfort, convenience, and freedom.

Whether you’re planning a cross-country journey or simply enjoying the vibrant urban settings of these disabled-friendly cities, the ATTO scooters are here to empower you to explore, connect, and create unforgettable memories in the heart of America’s inclusive urban landscapes.

Mobility travel scooters: game-changers for individuals facing mobility limitations.

Freedom on Wheels: Mobility Travel Scooters for Enhanced Quality of Life


Mobility is a fundamental aspect of human life, and when it’s compromised by conditions like aging, stroke, or Multiple Sclerosis (MS), it can be challenging to maintain independence and an active lifestyle. Mobility travel scooters have emerged as game-changers for individuals facing mobility limitations.

In this blog, we’ll explore the incredible benefits of these scooters and how they are transforming the lives of seniors, stroke patients, MS sufferers, and others who seek to regain their freedom of movement.


ATTO sport


Understanding Mobility Limitations

Before delving into the advantages of mobility travel scooters, it’s essential to recognize the challenges faced by those with mobility limitations:

Seniors: As we age, our physical abilities may decline, making it difficult to walk long distances or navigate uneven terrain. Mobility issues can hinder seniors’ ability to enjoy their retirement years fully.

Stroke Patients: Stroke survivors often experience mobility impairments due to muscle weakness, balance issues, or paralysis. Regaining independence can be a slow and arduous process.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Sufferers: MS is a chronic condition that affects the central nervous system, leading to a range of symptoms, including muscle weakness, numbness, and difficulty walking. Maintaining mobility can be a daily struggle.



ATTO sport


The Freedom of Mobility Travel Scooters

Mobility travel scooters offer a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with mobility limitations. Here’s how these scooters are changing lives:


Independence Regained: Mobility scooters empower users to move freely without relying on the assistance of others. Seniors can explore their communities, stroke patients can regain some autonomy, and MS sufferers can enjoy more mobility.

Enhanced Quality of Life: Being able to run errands, visit friends and family, or simply take a leisurely ride in the park fosters a sense of normalcy and contributes to an improved quality of life.

User-Friendly Operation: Mobility scooters are designed with ease of use in mind. They feature simple controls, comfortable seating, and intuitive steering, making them accessible to a wide range of users.

Convenient Travel: Many mobility scooters, like the Atto Classic and Atto Sport, are foldable and compact, allowing users to take them on trips, visit new places, and enjoy hassle-free travel.

Customizable Accessories: Mobility scooters can be customized with accessories like mobile holders, crutch carriers, and comfortable seating options, enhancing the user experience and making them tailored to individual needs.



atto travel scooters nz


The Atto Classic and Atto Sport: A New Era of Mobility


The Atto Classic and Atto Sport scooters from Mobility Hub are exemplary options for those seeking to regain their mobility and independence.

These foldable travel electric scooters are designed for convenience and portability, making them perfect companions for daily activities or travel adventures.

With features like mobile holders, crutch carriers, and comfortable seating options in classic black or vibrant red leather, the Atto scooters provide not only mobility but also style and comfort.



Mobility travel scooters are transforming the lives of seniors, stroke patients, MS sufferers, and countless others facing mobility limitations. They offer a newfound sense of freedom, independence, and enhanced quality of life.

With options like the Atto Classic and Atto Sport, mobility has never been more accessible, allowing individuals to reclaim their mobility and embrace life’s adventures with confidence and enthusiasm. These scooters are not just modes of transportation; they are vehicles of empowerment, enabling users to move through life on their own terms.


Your Journey to Freedom: Atto Foldable Travel Scooter

Your Journey to Freedom: Atto Classic and Atto Sport Scooters from Morton & Perry

As life progresses, we may face mobility challenges, whether due to aging, medical conditions like Multiple Sclerosis (MS), or recovering from a stroke. Mobility equipment plays a pivotal role in providing the freedom and independence needed to lead a fulfilling life.

Morton & Perry is proud to introduce the Atto Classic and Atto Sport, revolutionary foldable travel electric scooters designed for unparalleled convenience and mobility.

In this article, we’ll explore how these innovative scooters, packed with useful features and accessories, can transform your mobility experience.


Mobility Travel scooter




The Atto Classic and Atto Sport Your Passport to Freedom

Portability at Its Best: The Atto Classic and Atto Sport are designed with the modern traveller in mind. These foldable travel scooters are compact, lightweight, and easily fit into the overhead compartments of planes and trains. Say goodbye to the hassle of bulky mobility equipment. With the Atto scooters, you can now carry your freedom as hand luggage!

Travel with Confidence: Restricted mobility should never restrict your adventures. The Atto scooters empower you to explore the world with confidence. Whether you’re strolling through a bustling airport terminal or navigating the streets of a new city, these scooters provide stability and ease of use, ensuring you feel secure wherever you go.


Mobility travel scooters for seniors and disabled


Exploring Freedom in Every City: Atto Scooters for Urban Adventures

Beyond their compact design and stylish accessories, the Atto Classic and Atto Sport scooters offer a practical perspective that allows you to move freely and effortlessly through different cities, expos, clubs, and a myriad of urban environments.


City Exploration Made Effortless:

Navigate Busy Streets: The compact size of these scooters means you can easily weave through crowded streets, ensuring you never miss a beat of city life.

Public Transport Accessibility: When exploring cities with extensive public transportation networks, the Atto scooters can be conveniently folded and taken on buses, trams, and subways. This flexibility is invaluable for seamless city travel.

Quick Stops and Sightseeing: Want to explore a picturesque alley or visit a local café? With the Atto scooters, you can make quick stops without worrying about parking hassles. Take in the sights, enjoy local cuisine, and create memorable urban experiences.


Expos and Events:

Expo Mobility: Navigating sprawling expo centres or convention halls can be daunting, especially for those with restricted mobility. The Atto scooters make attending expos and events a breeze, allowing you to visit booths and presentations effortlessly.

Social Engagement: Whether it’s a concert, a sports event, or a night out with friends at a club, these scooters offer the mobility and comfort needed to participate and enjoy the occasion fully.


Joining the Social Life Scene:

The Atto Classic and Atto Sport scooters provide a hassle-free solution to navigate entrances of museums, cafes & bars, ensuring you can fully engage in the vibrant nightlife of any city.

Incorporating practicality into their design, the Atto scooters redefine what it means to move freely in various urban settings. They offer not only convenience but also the opportunity to engage with the world around you, creating unforgettable memories and fostering a sense of belonging no matter where your adventures take you.

So, whether you’re exploring the bustling streets of a new city, or attending expos and events, the Atto Classic and Atto Sport scooters will be your trusted companions, ensuring you can move with ease, confidence, and style.


ATTO sportATTO sportATTO sportATTO sport


Mobility travel scooter with contemporary and stylish accessories

We understand that personalization and convenience matter. That’s why the Atto Classic and Atto Sport come with a range of accessories to enhance your mobility experience:


Mobile Holder: Stay connected and keep your devices within easy reach while on the go. The mobile holder on these scooters ensures you’re always connected, whether for navigation or communication.

Crane/Crutch Carrier: For those who require additional mobility aids like cranes or crutches, the Atto scooters have you covered. The built-in carrier ensures you can bring everything you need without compromising your comfort or convenience.

Soft Seats in Black and Red: Comfort matters, and these scooters offer it in style. Choose between classic black or vibrant red leather seats to match your preference. You deserve to ride in comfort and elegance.



ATTO sports


Both the Atto Classic and Atto Sport are more than just scooters; they’re your ticket to newfound mobility and independence. Here are some ways to make the most of these remarkable travel companions:

-Explore New Destinations: With Atto scooters, you’re no longer limited by your mobility. Explore new destinations, visit friends and family, or embark on that dream vacation you’ve been planning.

-Engage in Outdoor Activities: Whether it’s a leisurely stroll in the park or a more adventurous outdoor excursion, these scooters can handle it all. The robust design ensures you can participate in outdoor activities without limitations.

– Maintain an Active Lifestyle: Don’t let restricted mobility keep you from an active lifestyle. With the Atto scooters, you can continue to engage in social activities, join clubs, or simply enjoy a day out with friends.




Mobility Hub’s Atto Classic and Atto Sport represent a new era in mobility equipment for individuals with restricted mobility. These foldable travel electric scooters are not just a means of transportation; they’re a gateway to newfound freedom, confidence, and adventure. With their compact design, impressive accessories, and comfortable seats, the Atto scooters are poised to redefine your mobility experience.

Don’t let mobility challenges hold you back. Embrace life’s adventures with Atto Classic and Atto Sport by your side. Explore the world, stay connected, and enjoy the journey like never before. Your freedom awaits!


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