ATTO Mobility Travel Scooter

The industry’s most stylish foldable scooter is also the smartest and safest solution for anyone with limited mobility.


ATTO empowers you to move and travel independently while giving you the confidence that comes with a great-looking essential vehicle.

ATTO gives you as much confidence as it does convenience, freedom and safety.
This exceptional mobility scooter boasts a contemporary, “high-tech” design that you can be proud of as you move about independently.

Not only can you cross even the vastest of international airports with your ATTO, but its design and its lithium battery are also approved by most airlines to go all the way onto the aircraft. It also fits perfectly in any car’s boot or back seat.

  • Travel Certificate
  • Unfolds in seconds
  • Split into 2 compact parts
  • Fits car boot
  • Flight approved

CODE: XMLAT O1-101-B2-0

Visit the Mobility Hub to trial a ATTO Mobility Scooter in our Auckland showroom or we can deliver mobility scooters NZ wide.