TOPRO Troja 2 – Gutter Frame Walker

  • The TOPRO Troja Walker2 is a practical, lightweight and stable forearm walker with the comfort of a rollator. The forearm supports have been designed to provide good upper body support while walking.The Troja Walker2is a reliable companion to easily get around with due to:
    • being easy to handle and operate.
    • providing high safety and comfort while walking with driving and parking brakes on both handles.
    • ensuring reliable and stable maneuvering and excellent driving comfort with ball bearings in forks and wheels.
    • its high level of functionality, quality and exceptional durability.
    • The handlebars can easily be adjusted to preferred angle and secured with a sturdy lock wheel.
    • Deep underarm pads ensure comfortable support. Washable surface.

Product code:

XTO815440 – Topro Troja Walker 2 S (silver/grey) Gutter Frame

XTO815430 – Topro Troja Walker 2 M (silver/grey) Gutter Frame