Immedia EasyTurn

Immedia EasyTurn swivel cushion has been developed especially for use on car seats to make entering/exiting the vehicle easier. EasyTurn can also be used to turn the user in/out of a bed or chair.
The EasyTurn swivel cushion has two separate padded disks which join in the centre. The low friction nylon inner linings slide against each other on turning allowing the cushion to rotate. This minimises strain and twisting of feet, knees, hips and back. EasyTurn has a non-slip underside to ensure that the device rests firmly on the seat.
To use, place the swivel cushion on top of the the car seat, seat or bed (the seat might not swivel if the surface is curved). The user then sits on the cushion and rotates.

Dimension: 45cm diameter

Product Code: XIM990454

Designed and Manufactured in Norway

This product qualifies for Ministry of Health & ACC funding.

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$150.00 incl GST