Molift RgoSling Net

Molift Rgo Slings are all-round slings that fit most users and hoisting situations in homecare and institutional environments. The RgoSling Net is fabricated in a soft net mesh polyester material. The material breathes well and dries very quickly. The sling is especially suitable for shower and bathing situations.

Rgo HighBack
RgoSling HighBack provides support for the body and the head as well. It allows the user to have a slightly inclined position which is suitable for users with impaired trunk and head stability. It is especially suitable for hoisting to and from a lying position and hoisting from the floor.

Rgo Medium Back
RgoSling MediumBack provides support for the body and is suitable for a patient with head control.

Only the following sizes still available:
High Back, size: XS, code: XM1720410
High Back, size: S, code: XM1720420
Medium Back, size: S, code: XM1720320
Medium Back, size: M, code: XM1720330

Designed and Manufactured in Norway

This product qualifies for Ministry of Health & ACC funding.




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