Vicair Active O2 – 9cm

This Vicair Active O2 – 9cm thick wheelchair air cushion is designed for the active wheelchair users who are into their sports.

  • Being super lightweight at only 1.25kg average, it offers the unique combination of ergonomically shaped foam at the front and Vicair SmartCells in the rear sacral area.
  • The four rear SmartCell compartments provide a high level of comfort and skin protection, offloading the sitting bones and tailbone area. The foam front makes transfers easy, with improved stability.
  • At the front of the cushion it features a nifty storage pouch to have personal items within reach.
  • Ideal for manual wheelchairs.
  • The Vicair Active O2 is an ideal pressure relief cushion for users with a Low to Very High Pressure Injury Risks.







This product qualifies for Ministry of Health & ACC funding.

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