Tips for Travelling with a Mobility Scooter

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In recent times, technology has made remarkable strides in alleviating the various challenges associated with travelling via air with a mobility scooter.

Whether you’re embarking on a journey for business or leisure, solo or with your loved ones, the prospect of globetrotting has become a truly feasible option.

Here, we present our top recommendations for air travel with a mobility scooter – don’t forget to send us a postcard!


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For individuals coping with limited mobility, air travel may initially appear daunting. International airports often entail considerable walking distances, airlines may necessitate checking your scooter as part of your luggage, and concerns about additional support costs may deter you. However, recent advancements in technology have not spared the mobility scooter from transformation.

Present-day scooters exhibit unprecedented speed, lightweight construction, and remarkable flexibility. Some models are purposefully engineered to facilitate the realization of your most ambitious travel aspirations while ensuring safety and ease. Nevertheless, before you embark on your travel plans, it’s imperative to acquaint yourself with some vital insights.

Here are some valuable insights we’ve gathered from our community of globe-trotters with limited mobility, tips that we believe will empower you to chase your travel dreams and facilitate your journey!

  1. Embrace the Lithium Battery Revolution, but Prioritize a Quick Call Ahead: Non-spill, lithium batteries represent a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of disability technology in recent years. The majority of electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters now rely on approved lithium batteries, recognized by most airlines for air travel. Opt for a scooter that simplifies the battery removal and replacement process, sparing you from lengthy checkpoints. Nevertheless, it’s a prudent move to contact the airline in advance to confirm their approval and inform them of your travel plans, enabling them to offer assistance.
  2. Select a Travel-Friendly Scooter to Dodge Baggage Hassles: Imagine maneuvering confidently through the airport on your scooter, only to discover that you must check it as part of your baggage, subjecting yourself to additional expenses and time-consuming boarding processes. This situation can be frustrating and potentially embarrassing. Fortunately, you can choose a scooter that easily folds and can be stowed in the overhead compartment like a compact trolley. Don’t let your scooter be the reason you’re the last to board or disembark from the plane!
  3. Safeguard Your Scooter Against Potential Damage: Folding mobility scooters are both valuable and indispensable, making it essential to shield them from the rigours of travel. Investing in a durable scooter cover is a smart way to ensure protection. Additionally, capture clear photographs of your undamaged scooter before your journey, just in case.
  4. Accessorize Smartly for Added Convenience: Many individuals with limited mobility must carry crutches, canes, and bulky medical equipment alongside their luggage, spare batteries, and travel documents. This juggling act can become cumbersome. Fortunately, modern scooters offer a range of contemporary accessories that seamlessly attach to the scooter, enhancing the convenience of travel. Seek out these accessories; they can truly be life-changing!


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Although travel overseas is often associated with long periods of walking, and technical hurdles and expenses, we urge you to learn more about the wonderful innovations that are increasingly available for you to take advantage of.

For those who think twice about bringing their less mobile loved ones along on trips, or those avoiding travel for fear of being a burden, using the right kind of mobility scooter and accessories will transform any type of travel from a cumbersome challenge into a memory-making adventure.

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