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More indoor independencewith the Vela Independence Chair

TOPRO Europe's Popular Walker!We have a foldable walker for every lifestyle

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New Range of Mobility ScootersDesigned & Made in Germany

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Are you looking for a: Back Brace or Back Support belt? View our Italian TLM collection

If you are losing mobility due to: Arthritis, Multiple sclerosis, Cerebral palsy, Muscular dystrophy, Amputation, Parkinsonism, Back pain or a Stroke.
You can maintain your normal level of activity and independence at home and/or at work with a VELA Independence Chair. The VELA Tango series is a set of specially designed mobility chairs that resemble an office chair with brake and electric lift.
Using knives or boiling water in the kitchen is safe thanks to a unique central brake. ‘Walking’ the chair is effortless due to it’s four smoothly moving and direction-stable wheels. View our VELA Independence Chair collection, made in Denmark.



Walking Frames made in Europe. We deliver our Walkers NZ wide!

Morton & Perry delivers Walkers NZ wide. Our complete collection of Walking frames and rollators are all designed and made in Germany by Topro. One of Europe’s main suppliers of quality Walking frames. Each Walker frame is foldable and comes with a seat and removable bag. Multiple walker accessories can be added; like a cane holder, tray, light, bottle holder.
Morton & Perry’s collection of walker frames, also known as rollators or zimmer frames, offer a solution for every lifestyle. If you are after a walker with seat, lightweight carbon walker frame, off-road walker with seat or a gutter frame walker. We have a perfect fit for you
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