TOPRO Europe's Popular Walker!We have a foldable walker for every lifestyle

More indoor independencewith the Vela Independence Chair

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Knowledgeable Service & Quality Mobility Equipment. NZ Wide Delivery

The experts at Morton and Perry are here to help you find the right mobility equipment for your needs. Morton and Perry offer a full selection of disability aids. If you are after a Walker, Commode shower chair, Electric Wheelchair, Independence Chair, Lifter hoist, Heel protector or Air mattress. We deliver Mobility scooters nz wide, Walkers nz wide, Shower stools nz wide. Home visits are available for: Mobility Scooters Auckland. For Mobility Scooters Christchurch and Mobility Scooters Tauranga please contact us. Mobility equipment is what we do best Read More >>

Durable European Made Mobility Scooters & Electric Wheelchairs

Morton & Perry's mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs are designed and made in Europe. Ensuring we only provide durable quality mobility equipment that will provide our customers with comfort and security. We can even customise our electric wheelchairs so that they are the perfect fit and suit your needs, we are not just talking wheelchair accessories but you think about it we can customise it. We have been providing ACC and The Ministry of Health with healthcare equipment for decades, and now extend our service to the public. Read More >>

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Are you looking for a: Back Brace or Back Support belt? View our Italian TLM collection

Many people in NZ experience lower back pain. The most common cause of occupational disability is lower back pain. Back support belts can be used as a posture corrector and give back pain relief by providing compression and back support. A back brace can improve stability, help ease pain, and allow for better mobility. Back support belts create intra-abdominal pressure by compressing the abdominal cavity, muscles, and joints in the area. This compression gives back support and helps support muscles, promotes forward motion of the spine, and helps reduce both chronic and intermittent lower back pain. View our TLM Italian-made back brace collection. Read More >>

Walking Frames made in Europe. We deliver our Walkers NZ wide!

Morton & Perry delivers Walkers NZ wide. Our complete collection of Walking frames are all designed and made in Germany by Topro. One of Europe’s main suppliers of quality Walking frames. Each Walker frame is foldable and comes with a seat and removable bag. Multiple walker accessories can be added; like a cane holder, tray, light, bottle holder. Morton & Perry’s collection of walker frames, also known as rollators or zimmer frames, offer a solution for every lifestyle. If you are after a walker with seat, lightweight carbon walker frame, off-road walker with seat or a gutter frame walker. We have a perfect fit for you Contact or Visit us for personal assistance. Read More >>

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