VELA ‘Bariatric+’ Patient chair

VELA ‘Bariatric+’ Patient chair is a robust bariatric lift chair that offers staff a safe working practice and improves the patient experience.

The heavy-duty transport chair is approved for a user weight of up to 300 kg, and is suitable for rehabilitation, training and as a patient chair in the wards.

  • The chair is optimized and approved for patients up to 300 kg, so that everyone has the opportunity to sit on a solid base. The chair can be used for various purposes including rehabilitation and as a patient examination chair.
  • The staff avoids physical strain when transferring or transporting the patient and when the patient has to get up and sit down. Easy-running wheels and electric height adjustment take over the heavy work when handling overweight patients.
  • Patients with limited mobility have the option of remaining seated in the chair during transport. The patient can “walk” the chair forward via the easy-running wheels, and brake it via the handbrake when the chair must be in a fixed position, e.g. during examinations.
  • The chair can be advantageously used in bed wards as an aid for patients who find it difficult to cope with e.g. going to the toilet, eating and dressing during admission. The patient becomes more independent and does not need help from the healthcare staff.

Product Code: XVE5107


This product qualifies for Ministry of Health & ACC funding.

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