• Explore the great outdoors with unparalleled freedom and mobility using the TA LC Powered Wheelchair. Crafted for adventurous souls, this outdoor wheelchair, a close relative to the esteemed TA RS model, is specially designed with larger wheels to conquer rugged terrains and outdoor landscapes.
  • With an impressive range of 30 to 35 km, the TA RS Powered Wheelchair is equipped with a total battery capacity of 200 Ah.
  • Supported by a robust motor power of 1300 watts, this wheelchair ensures not only an extended travel range but also reliable and efficient performance, allowing users to confidently embark on longer journeys without compromising on power or reliability.
  • Like our TA RS Powered Wheelchair, the TA LC sits lower than any other model available, facilitating easy navigation under standard tables and desks, and enhancing accessibility in various environments.