Nxt Biofit

The nxt BioFit foam wheelchair cushion is a multi-layer contoured wheelchair cushion utilizing the latest in Visco Gel foam technology. The BioFit multi-layer design provides deep immersion and support for skin protection by redistributing pressure over the full sitting surface of the wheelchair cushion.
The BioFit is designed for comfort and positioning for users who are at moderate to high risk of skin breakdown and is very economically priced.

Available sizes: 40×40 cm/16×16 inch, 40×45 cm/16×18 inch, 40×50 cm/16×20 inch, 45×40 cm/18×16 inch, 45×45 cm/18×18 inch, 45×50 cm/18×20 inch, 50×45 cm/20×18 inch, 55×50 cm/22×20 inch 50×50 cm/20×20 inch.




This product qualifies for Ministry of Health & ACC funding.

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