Nxt Armadillo Wheelchair Backrest

This Armadillo adjustable backrest features a three-section modular shell. Designed to fit the unique contour of the user’s spine and to accommodate users with: Kyphosis, Lordosis and other spinal deformities.
The comfortable dual-density foam back cushion consists of a polyurethane base and a visco gel top layer. The Nxt Armadillo is also available with Vicair cushion.

Available sizes (width x height):
30×40 cm / 14×16 inches
40×40 cm / 16×16 inches
45×45 cm / 18×18 inches
50×45 cm / 20×18 inches
55×45 cm / 22×18 inches

Designed and Manufactured in Canada

This product qualifies for Ministry of Health & ACC funding.

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