Where we come from

Back more than two decades ago, Morton & Perry took its initial steps as a privately founded company by two visionaries, David Morton and David Perry. Their joint aspiration was to revolutionize the industry, bringing a fresh perspective and a commitment to making a meaningful difference.

Over the years, Mr. Perry left and David Morton continued to grow the vision of a better life for people with mobility disabilities.

The founder poured his hearts and soul into establishing a company that would not only stand the test of time but would also set new benchmarks in the industry.

Morton & Perry’s journey began with an unwavering dedication to redefining standards and introducing innovative approaches that would shape the industry’s future. The company was established on the firm belief that every individual, regardless of their abilities, deserved the best support and equipment available. Over the years, the company’s persistent efforts, coupled with the visionary leadership of the director, have solidified Morton & Perry’s position as a beacon of quality, compassion, and progress in the industry. The company’s long trajectory is a testament to the determination and hard work of its director and the entire team who have continuously strived to make a positive impact on the lives of those they serve.




Who we are

In the face of numerous challenges that have tested businesses across New Zealand, Morton & Perry has not only endured but thrived. The resilience and perseverance exhibited by the company have been instrumental in overcoming adversities, allowing us to emerge stronger and more determined. We’ve weathered storms, adapting and evolving to meet the needs of our community and customers.

A significant milestone in our present journey was the establishment of our sister company, Mobility Hub, which serves as a showcase for all our top-tier mobility equipment. This showroom provides individuals with the opportunity to interact directly with the products, allowing them to experience firsthand the solutions we offer. This innovative addition reflects our commitment to enhancing customer experiences and accessibility.

Today, Morton & Perry stands as a medium-sized, locally owned business in New Zealand. Our dedicated team is passionately focused on our specialties, striving to provide top-notch services and products. Our core mission remains unaltered: to make a tangible difference. We firmly believe in challenging the status quo and consistently seek to add value to the lives of those we serve, continually pushing the boundaries to improve accessibility and support within our community.


Where we are going

As we steer towards the future, Morton & Perry is propelled by a profound vision of leveraging new technologies to enhance opportunities, independence, and freedom for all individuals facing mobility limitations. Our focus remains on exploring and integrating cutting-edge innovations that empower and uplift the lives of our community. We are driven by the dream of continually introducing these innovative technologies across New Zealand, ensuring that every user, regardless of their abilities, has access to tools that improve their quality of life. Embracing these advancements is not just a goal, but a commitment to fostering a world where everyone can enjoy a better, more inclusive way of life. Our unwavering dedication to progress will remain at the forefront as we strive to shape a future where accessibility and support are seamlessly woven into the fabric of daily living.

At Morton & Perry, our ultimate aim is to ensure that all New Zealanders have access to the high-quality products they rightfully deserve. We are devoted to creating a future where accessibility knows no bounds, where innovative, top-tier solutions are within reach for everyone.

Quality Brands

Morton & Perry are the exclusive NZ suppliers of the below quality brands.

Power Wheelchairs Denmark

Power Wheelchairs Germany

Wheelchair Air Cushions The Netherlands

Pressure Care Heel Protection The Netherlands

Independent Chairs Denmark

Wheelchair Seating France

Wheelchair Seating Canada

ATTO mobility scooters

ATTO Travel Mobility Scooters Israel

Pressure Care Mattresses Australia

Rollators / Walkers Norway

Independent Dining Robot USA

Associate Member

Morton & Perry is a member of atsnz and our products comply to the ATS-NZ’s Code of Practice. For more information visit

Our Team

We’ve assembled a group of caring and seasoned professionals ready to assist you, no matter if you’re a therapist, a loyal client, someone exploring our products, or a devoted caregiver.

Your journey is important to us, and we’re dedicated to making it as smooth and effortless as possible. We’ll go the extra mile to ensure you find the perfect solution tailored to your needs, and if necessary, we’re more than happy to create a customized option just for you.

Our wealth of expertise is just a phone call away, and we’re eager to make a difference in your life.

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