Where we come from

Morton & Perry was founded as a private company in November 1996 by David Morton and David Perry who wanted to make a difference in the industry.


Who we are

Today we are a medium sized NZ owned business with passionate people very much focused on our specialities. Our primary goal is to make a difference – “The status quo, must always be challenged. Our aim is to add value”


Where we are going

Our vision for the future is to continue to make a difference and challenge the status quo. Our team will strive to introduce the latest innovations. We will never compromise on function, improved quality and added value.

Quality Brands

Morton & Perry are the exclusive NZ suppliers of the below quality brands.

Power Wheelchairs Denmark

Power Wheelchairs Germany

Wheelchair Air Cushions The Netherlands

Pressure Care Heel Protection The Netherlands

Wheelchair Seating France

Wheelchair Seating Canada

Pressure Care Mattresses Australia

Independent Chairs Denmark

Rollators / Walkers Norway

Independent Dining Robot USA

Associate Member

Morton & Perry is a member of atsnz and our products comply to the ATS-NZ’s Code of Practice. For more information visit

Our Team

Morton & Perry have a dedicated team of experienced experts that are here to support you in your journey. Whether you are a therapist, existing client, potential user or a carer. We will put every effort into your experience to guide you quickly and easily to the right solution for you! Also if required we will provide a custom solution.

If we are unable to assist you specifically, we will still do our best to refer you to alternative providers.

Our expertise is only a phone call away…

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Business hours:
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