Dahl VarioDock

The Dahl VarioDock is an electrically height-adjustable Docking Station. With an electrical height adjustment (from 61-91 mm) it enables fastening of wheelchairs with different ground clearances and can be used to secure manual and powered wheelchairs with a weight of up to 200 kg plus user, as well as our Dahl COMFORT Seat with integrated 3 point safety belt.

The Dahl VarioDock system allows wheelchair users and other passengers in a vehicle to be restrained with unprecedented ease, speed, and safety. The Dahl VarioDock system offers greater flexibility and versatility than any other seat anchorage system because wheelchairs and seats can be interchanged quickly and with minimal effort and time. Drivers benefit from docking systems because they frequently struggle with limited space and poor working postures when fastened with 4-point strap systems.

Our new Dahl VarioDock TM is not only the only electrically height-adjustable wheelchair docking system, allowing the fastening of wheelchairs with different ground heights and seats with an integrated 3-point harness, but it is also the only system that complies with ISO 10542-1, ISO 7176-19 as well as the strict test requirements in accordance with ECE regulations 14 and 17 regarding. testing of seats and belt anchorages in vehicle category M1, as well as EU Regulation 2018/858, Annex II, Part III, Appendix 3.

Designed and Manufactured in Denmark

This product may qualify for Ministry of Health & ACC funding. It will require a vehicle assessor assessment.

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