Chair for conditions that create balancing problems

Independence with VELA Mobility Chairs: Revolutionizing Support for Those with Mobility Challenges


At Morton & Perry, we understand the importance of maintaining an active and independent lifestyle, especially for individuals facing mobility challenges. As the exclusive distributors of Vela Independence Chairs in New Zealand, we are proud to introduce these revolutionary mobility aids designed to enhance the lives of those dealing with balance problems, paralysis, or pain.


Enhancing Independence with Vela Chairs

The Vela Independence Chairs are more than just seats; they are empowering solutions that enable individuals to engage in daily activities with ease. Whether you or a loved one faces challenges with balance, the Vela Chairs provide unparalleled support and stability.

A Multi-Functional Mobility and Activity Chair

Outfitted with four large wheels, a power lift, and a sturdy handbrake, our chairs not only improve mobility but also help users overcome daily challenges that are keeping them from being active and self-reliant.

Fully equipped with a wide range of functions, a mobility chair from VELA can make your life easier, even though you have a disability or illness that interferes with normal activities.



Revolutionary Designs for Enhanced Living

Traditional chairs can pose significant challenges for individuals with poor balance, often making routine tasks a daunting endeavour. The Vela Chairs, with their revolutionary designs, address this issue by offering:

Central Brake: The central brake system ensures that you or your patient can always sit safely and stably, providing confidence during various activities.

Raising/Lowering Function: The electric lift feature allows effortless adjustment of the chair’s height, ensuring the perfect position for any task, whether it’s getting dressed, reaching for items, or simply enjoying a meal.

Armrests: Foldable armrests enhance maneuverability, facilitating easy transitions from a chair to a bed and vice versa.

Mobility: The mobility feature enables smooth movement, allowing individuals to navigate their surroundings comfortably.

Support and Comfort: Vela Chairs prioritize support and comfort, creating an environment fostering independence and well-being.


Electric Lift for Seamless Transitions

The electric lift feature becomes particularly beneficial when moving from one surface to another.

By folding away the armrests and utilizing the central brake, individuals can effortlessly transition from the chair to the bed or vice versa.

Adjusting the chair’s height with the electric lift ensures the perfect level for various tasks, enhancing overall convenience.


Height Adjustment: A Simple Solution for Balance Issues

The height-adjustable feature of Vela Chairs proves invaluable for those struggling with balance.

Simple tasks like emptying the dishwasher, which may induce uncertainty and dizziness, become manageable with the press of a button.

Lower the seat to comfortably reach the dishwasher without bending forward, then effortlessly return to the normal height after completing the task.



Vela Independence chairs

Supporting Sit-to-Stand Movements

The electric lift feature not only aids in seamless transitions between surfaces but also provides essential support during sit-to-stand movements.

Utilize the central brake, raise the chair, and allow your feet to slide down to the floor. The chair supports you from behind, ensuring a calm and safe standing experience.


Conclusion: Spreading the Message of Empowerment

In concluding our exploration of the remarkable Vela Independence Chairs, we recognize that these innovative mobility aids have the potential to significantly impact lives, providing newfound independence and functionality for individuals facing mobility challenges.

Beyond the tangible benefits these chairs offer, there lies a profound opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.


Word of Mouth: A Powerful Force for Change

At Morton & Perry, we understand the power of word of mouth in transforming lives. Therapists, healthcare professionals, and satisfied customers play a pivotal role in spreading awareness about the existence of Vela Chairs.

By sharing personal success stories and experiences, they become instrumental in breaking down barriers and creating a community of support for those who might benefit from these exceptional chairs.


Changing Lives Through Advocacy

As we champion the cause of mobility empowerment, we encourage therapists and customers alike to become ambassadors of change.

Your firsthand experiences with the transformative effects of Vela Chairs can serve as a beacon of hope for others navigating similar challenges.

By openly discussing and advocating for the benefits of these chairs, you contribute to a ripple effect that has the potential to positively impact countless lives.


Together, We Can Make a Difference

The journey towards a more inclusive and supportive community begins with each individual’s commitment to share information and empower those in need. Let us unite in our efforts to spread the message of the existence of Vela Independence Chairs.

Through collaborative advocacy, we can create a network of support that reaches far and wide, ensuring that individuals facing mobility issues discover the life-changing solutions available to them.



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